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About Emu Software

Emu Software is an Australian business that specialises in IT support for small business.
Our services include consulting and suppling hardware and networking needs.
Supplying and supporting software aplications, training in using software and creating custom software aplications.
Web site construction, promotion and competative web hosting.

We have been involved in the computing industry since 1988, and can support a large range of computing needs.

www.emutrax.com.au is being rebuilt at the moment, so if some things appear to be missing, they will be there soon. Send us an email if you cant find the info that you are looking for.

Emu Software

Emu Software provides custome software solutions for people who have special needs that can not be solved with off the shelf solutions. We also provide application software of all types, including Accounting/Business Point-of-sale, Office suite packages, and Anti-Virus programs.

Web Hosting and Design

We also provide Web site hosting service at competative rates, which includes POP email accounts, Webmail, Mysql and PHP, and Online Stores.In addition to our hosting service we also can design and create your website for you. Dynamic web sites using PHP and Mysql, online forms and more. For More information on these services please visit our Hosting page.